Online Chess with a "Community" of Players

Online chess simulation should not only amuse but also help us feel the overall climate of a real chess group match. Yes, with DoubleChess simulation software we can play and enjoy the game in groups.

The chess simulation software allows us a host of regular features present in most online chess software, but here's an added attraction—play it with groups and make the groups come alive online. Common matches online reflect the moves and reactions of only the two players involved in the match.

One player may have a bunch of human coaches behind him in the play but they cannot directly make their presence felt online. The player directly involved in the match alone can participate online. Sometimes the two players in the match may chat for comments and other short messages, but conversation is always just between them.

DoubleChess gives us more than the thrill of a two-player match. If each player in a match has a host of friends and coaches and teasers or cheerers around him physically, these crowds can make their presence felt directly online. Imagine if we opt for multiple chess games played simultaneously and all the crowds make themselves heard online. It would be a very lively match.

All they have to do is be logged in and participate in the conversations. The other party will also do the same and join in the room. While the two players in a match play all the coaching and noises and cheers of their friends who logged in can be heard online. The two groups can even talk to each other. If we opt for multi-table plays then it's going to be a wild experience.

There's also a provision for playing chess blitz or regular chess games. There's also an option for a mini server use through an alternative real-time bughouse so we can enjoy bughouse chess. Even kids have a special place through the child chess engine. We also have the option to choose what board sets and pieces to use, what size, and what graphics to see.

Being able to study our games, past and present, and analyze them is important for our skill improvement. DoubleChess helps us with this and with placing our special bulletins or announcements. We may organize mini chess tournaments, too.

Interesting and really helpful chess simulation software can help us hone our chess skill and even enjoy it with a lot of other people right there online.