Plain and Simple Chess Simulation Software

When talking of simulation software for chess what comes to mind are mind-boggling 3D and graphical animated presentations of the game that astound the imagination. We have a lot of options for this chess type. But some people still prefer the simple life and strongly opt for plain and simple chess simulations.

Most simulation software offer games that pit us against the PC program. There are skill level options so we can play at our pace and also advance as we see fit. Soon we find ourselves easily beating the program. But some players still feel the lack of realism in the system—PC programs never feel the tension when the going gets tough.

Playing against the computer lacks the element of shared human frailty in times of crisis between contenders. PC programs don't feel the stress in the struggle, the agony of defeat, or the excitement of triumph. Chess simulations may be equipped with sound effects, voices, animation, or electronically triggered human responses mimicking emotions. But these doesn't fool us one bit. They're still not human.

Some chess simulation software thought of a solution for this. They came out with a simple online chess software that focused on chess games between human players aided with simulations. Now, we can enjoy hundreds other human players from different parts of the country or the world. With simple simulation software for chess they enjoy simplified games that function by the mere click of the mouse.

Chess software for human chess matches like OlmiChess 2.63 is emphatic on providing a suitable online chess venue for two human players by having all the necessary features for a convenient match. For easy access it uses a public server popular among enthusiasts—FICS or the Free Internet Chess Server.

With OlmiChess the Internet connection is always supported with easy to acquire connections like via a modem, WLan, cradle, and even through cell phone links like a GSM/GPRS/CDMA-modem. This makes possible the availability of the connection anytime we feel like playing because of a convenient connection to a known server. And the site is always full of eager players.

Don't fuss over not knowing anybody in the chess room—we can choose any partner available. The software can even arrange for a match with a ready player anytime. Or we may opt for a random selection. To be sure, simple simulation software like Olmichess will always pit us against fellow humans.

Simulation software for chess seems to have thought of everything for enthusiasts. All we have to do is to download.