Some Excellent Simulation Software for Chess

simulation software for online chess varies in features. They help us a lot in mastering important chess principles, in improving our skills, and in making the games more exciting and interesting. Here are some examples of chess simulation software.

Chess Puzzles is simulation software created by Katachess. Katachess is an online chess system that derives positioning and movements from martial concepts of ancient Japanese military fighting systems like judo and karate. The software easily picks up chess patterns through an exclusive point and click interface.

This system quickly hones the play skills of players who want fast pace improvement in the way they play online. Chess Puzzles by Katachess has been improved in acoustic background, buttons that indicate back and finish functions, additional 50 chess game puzzles, and improved printing quality.

Another good software is Crazy Chess. This software was released in December 2006 licensed as a freeware and uses English language. Its platform is Windows and does not require installation support. When in use it gives added life to online chess lending us real-time chess games through a two-dimensional play. With this chess simulation software we assume the White Knight personally facing the "evil" empire of black pawns and major pieces.

With this exciting software, instead of merely moving the white knight piece on the board, we become the Knight himself protecting the White Kingdom, moving in L shaped paces to assault enemy soldiers or pawns. And the thrilling part is that we don't have to "wait our turn" before we make the assault. We move rapidly as the enemy pawns advance, trying to stop them make a touchdown on our territory. It's real fighting. They don't call it "Crazy Chess" for nothing.

Then there's the Chess Opening Trainer. It aids us to master theories on chess openings which are crucial in winning chess matches. As we master good chess openings we also develop our own opening systems in the process. This software is set apart from others due to its non-random move and positioning options. It selects chess moves and positions that it sees we have most difficulty with and trains us in them.

With this smart selection of areas where we need progress this software tremendously assists us pinpoint our strength and weaknesses. Our focus is narrowed down to only what we need to develop.

Chess simulation software makes the game more alive and exciting and our skills sharper and more masterly. They provide an alternative to enjoying chess.