Rated Excellent Chess Online Program for Simulation

Here's a comprehensive chess program designed to help us with everything necessary to hone, rate, and build up our chess skills especially online. It provides among the best chess online simulations that help us enjoy a modified and realistic chess match.

This chess program, named Shredder Classic, is actually a collection of programs created by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen who have won ten world titles in chess. The programs are among the top favorites of online chess enthusiasts and, in fact, considered by many as perfect programs for chess simulations installed in computers.

Navigation with these programs is very easy though the simulations seem complex at first glance. They also feature easy and convenient handling even for first timers in chess simulations. The skill levels available are very conducive to any player—novice or advanced—and operate at the touch of an adjustable indicator. We may choose any skill level, even those with extreme challenges, and always find an exciting match with a worthy player.

As we play the chess game simulations we are greatly helped with skills improvement and rating. As we see through the neutral eyes of the software our strengths and weaknesses in the game we see where we need improvement and refinement. The multiple functions available with these programs help us analyze our own game. Moreover, as we enjoy the chess online simulations we also enjoy the services of an online coach (or coach software) advising us on different game situations and alerting us of our errors.

The programs also help us review our past plays which they save for our careful study. Aside from this, Shredder also has new features like a polished chess engine which is something like 60 to 80 Elo in capacity stronger in comparison with their predecessor. We may see our chess play histories quicker and more reliably through Shedderbases which store the information through their compact databases.

When we want to get professional help with our game analysis, we don't have to look for chess experts. Shredder provides computerized assistance with this and quickly links us to some 16 million recorded opening moves online. This facilitates game comparison and helps us improve our chess openings with others. For instance, it has a play rating feature that pits our plays skills with online opponents. This can do wonders for our play style and strategy development.

Chess online simulations that powerful software programs like Shedder Classic provide help us enjoy real quality chess plays and real-time play assessments.