How About Chinese Chess Soul for a Change?

Chinese chess, ever heard of it? It's not Chinese checkers but popular chess simulation software. Its full name is Chinese Chess Soul and it comes with the following special features.

It is software that allows us to play master skill levels in a fun and amusing way. There are also levels for novices, for intermediate players, and for experts. Best of all, of course, is the master level. With this software we may try the master level even as a novice player. Why? It's because it's mostly for fun and amusement.

Together with the family we may also opt to challenge the artificial intelligence of its PC program. Try to beat the software program with a corporate strategy derived from the combined wits of our family. This does wonders for our skills with the joint coaching of everyone. There is also an arena-type board game model where chess simulations are rendered simply but effective.

To help us with skill advancement, the software automatically adjusts to our skill level and records our moves and scores for later reference and review. This helps with our play skill progress. Then we advance in skill level. The chess engine of this chess simulation software has considerably improved and can deal with any position from start to finish.

With our play reviews the software provides helpful and easy to use analysis features using a special visual software examination where the PC program gives us its straight opinions. There is also a graphic presentation of all allowed moves plus the graphic illustration of attacked pieces. As far as user interface is concerned, we can set it up all by ourselves and is easy to manage.

The software also includes volumes of how the Chinese prefers to play the online game and introduces many grand masters' way of opening a game in its voluminous Open Book. Who knows, we might get new and wise chess tactics from a uniquely-cultured race decorated by history to be among the first civilized in ancient times.

Chinese Chess Soul combines eastern game strategy and value insightsólike simplicityówith modern online technology and applies all these to chess. Simulation effects are simple enough to make sure we are helped with our skill advancement, first and foremost. Then some fun ingredients are added in and so we have the Chinese chess simulation software.

It pays to sometimes check what other people have in mind. Let's examine chess simulation, this time, from the Chinese.