The Potentials of ChessPartner Simulations

Here's a real chess partner that will help us enjoy and progress in the game. ChessPartner is specifically designed to provide a willing and capable online chess "companion" for us to explore chess simulation possibilities online.

It has a whole gamut of simulation features for online chess to allow us full enjoyment of games against the computer AI or fellow human players. AI is artificial intelligence or the program the software uses to respond to our chess moves. Best of all it has a 3D chess board with its fine pieces that allows flexibility for our set and piece preferences from 10 different choices.

ChessPartner enables us to use PGN and EPD files when reading and writing online, create our books, copy and paste chess simulated games using the Clipboard, and study and weigh our positions in a game and even whole chess games for skills improvement.

With this chess simulation software we can use timing clocks to limit time a move takes in speed matches, access a list of moves, and have a huge opening book. We are also aided with the histogram for games, graphical game score presentations, easy error monitoring, and a full-capacity database to save games and data in.

Make sure our chess engine is compatible with Winboard to make the ChessPartner interface workable. There is a Winboard adapter available for this purpose. Chess engines compatible with Winboard are Crafty and GNUCHESS. ChessPartner can support endgame table bases for Nalimov, equipped with an Office 2000 image and complete with tailored toolbars and online menus.

This chess simulation software also has Engine research tool to help us access engine chess matches. The most recent version can support chess engines compatible with Winboard I and II and UCI. ChessPartner is regularly updated and enhanced to serve clients better and to allow better connectivity.

A key to learning chess in great depth is to enjoy playing the game. This is the foremost design of chess simulation software. It should stimulate us to play the game more often, try higher skill levels, and ultimately have the confidence to play in online tournaments. This process will be more probable with special simulations that not only amuse but also prod us to climb heights of achievements.

It's not enough to be simply enchanted by simulation 3D effects and other fancy features. We should also be aided with our knowledge and skills in the game and goaded to take more serious participation in real tournaments.