ChesserR Simulation with Emailed Moves

Here's the chess simulation software that allows us to take time with our moves. Most chess software pressure us to work out a win right now. But ChesserR allows us to count days to work out an online chess win.

Games on the ChesserR simulation software are played through correspondence. The only requirement is for both players to have email addresses. Send each other emailed moves one after the other through the email account. To make things simpler online just cut and paste moves using our email application and enjoy chess games through electronic correspondence.

With this system there's no need for an email POP3 account. We can add a little note to the opponent as we send our emailed moves to perhaps add in a little psychological supplement to our sent moves or simply send some greetings or reminders. We can be as informal as we want to enjoy a fun but meaningful game with friends and family.

It has an excellent interface with chess boards easy to use and navigate. On screen the chess pieces on the board are not crowded together as in other simulation programs. With this setup we can better view all pieces as we think up counter strategies against clever moves of the opponent. The wider the view the better.

This chess simulation software also features an automatic moves option simulation display to advice us on smart moves. All we have to do is place the mouse cursor on a piece and at once various move options pop up on screen showing trails of what the moves are with the particular piece. Without disrupting the present position of the piece the software program highlights possible trails the piece may travel for a better strategy.

The online chess board can also be easily reduced or increased in size with a simple click at options on the size indicator. At the same time, we may also adjust the color tint of the board and chess pieces without actually altering the original color and shading. This aids better viewing with regards to the effect of the color intensity to our eyes. Any color reflected on screen as we play ChesserR can be tint adjusted to suit our preferences.

With a soothing color tint on the backdrop, board, and pieces and with the board size customized, game information, list of moves, current move, conquered pieces, days covered in the game so far, and other relevant details can be viewed better with this chess simulation software.