All the Simulation Features Needed in One Room

ChessRally affords users of a complete line of features for chess simulation to make the online game more electrifying and larger than life. The following are the complete chess simulation features of the ChessRally room and software.

We can enjoy the features with Internet friends and invite them over for a unique experience in the game. It even has a correspondence game (through email) which we can enjoy for days and which we can really study and analyze for long periods of time. We just check the email for the move the opponent made and the email messages, if any, with it.

We may also opt for a PC-program opponent operating according to the skill level we have set. Beat the programmed opponent easily or set the options to a higher skill level for a match with a more intelligent PC program. After this we may meet online with real people by ChessRally's Online Rally Rooms where we play games with new friends and chat with them.

We can also opt to merely watch games and note the chess culture prevailing. Or watch how good the players play and see who to play against for skill level improvement. As we enjoy the games we also enjoy the lively graphics around plus the amusing sound effects emitting from the amusing characters that float and move around the screen.

The interface can also be customized according to our preferences with themes and features we can download for free—sounds, skins and board sets. We'll be amazed by the superb animations available. ChessRally offers great chess simulation tools that make it among top preferences online.

The room also offers guides and technical support to users all for free and with fast delivery. We get needed assistance with timed and rated chess games and an orienting tool for rules relevant internationally. The program also gives coaches and advices on good moves and points us to potential dangers when we take risks.

If we want to explore possibilities we have not yet encountered in games we may try the Experimental Mode feature that helps open our minds to new methods of solving chess problems. Then we may load opted results, save them, and import or export them using PGN or FEN. There's also an interactive window for game play history.

Chess simulation features can help us a lot in realizing our real chess potentials. And they do this in ways quite convenient and amusing.